Tehsha is for the visionaries, the game-changers, the kings and queens among us.  Keeping you fresh from the moment your sneakers hit the street, right up until the day is done.  Our Day to Night collection is inspired by the revolutionaries and thrill seekers that need a fragrance to match their boundless energy.

Your hair is your crown, so treat it like royalty.  Taking inspiration from the worldwide natural hair care movement, tesha Hair Care incorporates quality styling products that provide nourishment for thick, healthy and voluminous hair.  Give your hair everything it needs to grow long and luscious with tehsha Natural Hair Food, and tame those edges with the Black styling Hair Gel .

Tehsha pushes the limits of beauty and living, balancing sophistication and freshness with complete individuality, bringing you a range of products as unique as you are.

Tehsha EDT range for Men & Women

Tehsha Deodorant and Antiperspirant range for Men & Women

Tehsha Hair Care range for beautiful, natural hair