Through our experience in the industry, MA Distributors have built relationships and partnered with a select few of South Africa’s leading manufacturers to offer a bespoke and comprehensive private-label service for the personal care and home care sectors.


Private labelling allows retailers to offer something distinct to their customers and is an excellent way to separate yourself from your competitors. It offers a host of advantages, such us:

• Brand loyalty: The key to long-term business success is building a loyal customer base. Branding through private label is a fantastic way to build loyalty from customers who prefer your brand’s products. With limited accessibility, customers become attached to your brand, allowing them to feel as though they are among a select few that own it, which ultimately increases loyalty and sales among your customer bases.

• High margins: Brands with private labelling usually have a higher profit margin than resale products. The reason for this is because the cost of making your own products is generally lower than buying products that are pre-manufactured, especially if the product must be imported.

• Wholesale income: In addition to exclusively selling your product, you may consider operating as a wholesaler for your brand and offering limited access to other retailers that pay a premium acquisition cost for the right to carry your brand. This will generate additional income as well as generate brand exposure.

• Exclusivity: Private labelling allows retailers to create a curated image and have their own unique marketing identity.


MA Distributors work primarily with an ISO-qualified laboratory and manufacturing facility to formulate anything from creams, gels, pressurised liquids to powders and more.  Our manufacturing partner can develop custom formulations and handle all filling and packaging requirements.

Over the past few years, private labelling has become widely popular and we believe we are the dream team to get your personal care, home care or homeware brand onto shelves across the world!