Mark Pretorius and Andrew Hossack established MA Distributors in 2017 when the two partners, both experts in the import-export trade, joined forces.  Andy and Mark collectively have over 40 years of experience in the industry and have been instrumental in launching and growing several well-known brands in South Africa.  In addition to creating their own signature brands – The Republic Collection™, Tehsha™, and Reef Co™.  Mark and Andrew have built relationships and partnered with a handful of SA’s leading manufacturers to offer a bespoke and comprehensive private-label service for the personal care and home care sectors.

MA Distributors is a brand-building powerhouse with their ability to provide everything you need to launch your personal or home care line – with a talented selection of designers, a host of reliable manufacturers and a seasoned team to head up sales and operations in South Africa and abroad.

Andrew is “the numbers guy” and brings a plethora of financial and operations expertise to the company. He has experience in owning and operating successful medium-sized businesses and his specialties lie in accounting, costing, operations and purchasing. Andrew is adept at critiquing processes and controls, product development and implementing compliance thereof and driving growth across all sectors of management.

Mark is the innovational member of the duo he has extensive experience in sourcing, sales, wholesale, and distribution. Mark presents a solid track record of success in growing sales and building and leading high-performing national sales units. Although Mark is accomplished in increasing gross profits, his passion and strength lies in establishing and maintaining profitable key accounts and developing long term client relationships.

Andy Hossack

Phone: +27 83 445 4840


Mark Pretorius

Phone: +27 83 577 8839

South Africa

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2nd Floor No 3-3 Huangyang Dadao,
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